Monday, June 19, 2006

ready, steady, VOTE!

Ok you ready? It was difficult, we had a little negotiating, all friendly only a thumb wrestle involved. Alison is preggers, so thumb wrestling's about as energetic as we'll get at the moment! The criteria for our judging, well that would be telling, however it's all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously, we could go on and on justifying our choices. Saying that it was quite tricky coming up with just 5, there could have been a whole lot more and the 5 here are a great representation of backtack3 for various reasons as I'm sure you can see. So on to the voting...

The five you're voting on, in alphabetical order. Click on the link on each finalist to see their post and further pictures of their creation. We encourage you to read the posts and check out further pictures on the finalists blogs.

Ampersand Duck








Wishing on Clovers


Voting will close Saturday 24 June, who knows which timezone, just get in quick and vote. Winner will be announced at the same time that the flickr gallery goes live.

BT3 - Vote for your favourite softie!
Ampersand Duck
Bara + Design
Wishing on Clovers
Web Polls by Vizu

What's up for grabs? Well lovely Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls has donated a copy of her bookLET and, yes, there's more, one of her darling softies, Harriet.