Wednesday, November 16, 2005

BT2 image library update

Hey Al - having fun in Paris, or is it New York now? Everyone wish Al happy travels!

Me, well I've been a little slack. I've been meaning to do this library update for the past week, I admit my motivation has been lacking and also looking for somewhere to live is a big distraction.

So, what are you waiting for, get on over to the flickr libary to see the new images! The picture below shows the updated pics in thumbnail preview.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

back-tack II finito!

Go on - get on over to flickr and check out the amazing creativity. We've had heaps of positive feedback from everyone. Thanks! We really enjoy seeing your creations and love your enthusiasm.

Some housekeeping - if you've submitted pics but don't see them in the gallery would you please email them again to If you haven't sent them yet, please do so and we'll update the gallery.
The next incarnation will be in April 2006. So keep your eyes


Sunday, October 30, 2005

winding up....

Today's the final day for BT2. By now you would have started and hopefully completed and posted your finished BT2 project. If you have not heard from your partner and don't know if something's coming please email us at backtackATgmailDOTcom with your name and blog name. Please don't wait for another couple of weeks.

If you have posted your BT but know it'll arrive after 31 October please do send your partner an email letting them know it's on the way and when you anticipate it might arrive.

AND - not to harp on it, please email us your pics to backtackATgmailDOTcom asap so we can put the final flickr gallery together (please don't email them to Nicole or Alison, us the back-tack email address, if you've already emailed them, please don't resend them :) ). This will be live in the next 5-7 days. We'll post here when it is live.

As we've mentioned previously (I think we have!) the next back-tack will be in April 2006! Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

cut, stitch, unpick, sew, knit, bind, felt...

Hey everyone.

It's great to see finished back-tack's on your blogs. Great creativity and attention to detail. From the feedback we've received sounds like you've all really enjoyed this version of back-tack.

A reminder to please supply the images of your finished BT before you post it (the one you created, not the one you receive) in the following way (this keeps Nicole sane and minimises the swearing she does at the monitor). If you've already supplied your images, then ignore this:
  • We only want 2 photos per participant please. Obviously feel free to post as many pics as you like on your own blogs, it's easier for us if we receive only 2 per person.
  • Email them to us by 1st week of November or earlier, if possible with these specs, 400 x 400 pixels at 72dpi (if you have Photoshop or something similar, please save it optimised for web at 100ppi), please name the file your blog name (not the URL but the name your blog is known by and tell us whether it's a bag or kit picture ie sixandahalfstitches_bag.jpg and sixandahalfstitches_kit.jpg, together with your first name, your blog name and the blog name you are sending to.
  • We'll unveil the photo's via flickr at the end, the week after 31 October.

Finally keep your eyes peeled for BT3 to be held in April 2006. We need a breather and some time to think about the next reincarnation.

Monday, October 10, 2005


We've been checking out participants blogs and have seen quite a few of you have finished! Very impressive.

For those of you who'd like some inspiration following are some links and also a link to some images we've uploaded at flickr.

Feel free to leave comments with any other links or suggestions you feel might be useful to other participants.

Check out humbag and because I can't work out the name of some of these sites :) here's some more links, here, here and here. Kath also has a bunch of links, handmade zakka, some more Japanese goodness.

bt2 inspiration

Monday, September 12, 2005


Hi everyone.

You would have received your matchup by now. We hope you've sent your partner an email or commented on their blog!

A few little housekeeping items. Firstly, when sending out the matchups there are some commas missing from addresses, so please check that your address will make sense to the person sending to you and if you feel it needs clarification please let your partner know.

If you've accidentally revealed your true identity to your partner, that's ok! Let's just guys now get to be 'real'people for each other. Please don't fret. Just keep what you're making secret!

We've added a link to Kath at Red Current's bag links. She's a linkin' machine. We'll post some more inspiration soon.

And, finally, the blogroll is up, go and check out everyone's blogs. That's all for now, we look forwarding to seeing all your creations.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Pheeewww. The matchups have all been mailed out. Read 'em and check 'em.

The blogroll will be up soon, hopefully on Sunday.

If a L. Seven is reading this, please email us at backtackATgmailDOTcom , thanks.

Ok, on to the FAQ's:

Is it anonymous? - Yes, until you post off your BT and the recipient receives it, it's anonymous. You can put in a note and reveal yourself when you post it or you can be mean and let your recipient wait until the flickr gallery is launched.

What happens if my circumstances change? - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find the time to drop us a quick email to say you'll need to withdraw or need help and we'll organise something for you. Don't be afraid! We'd rather know in advance and we understand that stuff happens.

Should I email my partner? - This isn't an option. :) Once you've recieved your matchup we want you to email (anonymously) your BT partner within 5 days of receiving the email to let them know that you're out there and reading their blog. Finding out about them and what interests them is the only way you'll be able to fill their bag. Maybe drop your partner an e-postcard. Just please contact them and stay in contact, read their blog, leave comments. Let them know when you've mailed your parcel, and follow it up - check to find out whether it's arrived, and similarly write and thank your person once you've received something.

Does my bag have to be sewn or made from fabric? - No, it can be knitted, crocheted, felted etc. We do ask that it is functional.

What's this about a kit? - The idea behind this BT is that you make a bag that would suit your recipient and take the time to find out about your partner, is there a craft they love or would like to try? Make a kit for them to make something. It could be a softie, or a cushion, bag or any other type of craft. You could straight out ask them, but make sure it's fun and easily accommodated in a bag (this isn't the time to launch into carpet weaving...).

I haven't heard from my partner - If say within 10 days of receiving your matchup email, you haven't heard from your partner. Please contact us via backtackATgmailDOTcom so we can put a rocket up them, in the nicest possible way.

It's the end of October and I haven't received anything - OK, before you contact us please can you do a couple of things:
1. If the person has been in contact and said they were posting something, please email them and ask when they posted it an when it might arrive.
2. If the person has NEVER emailed you then please do email us and we'll get in contact with them.
3. If your partner has emailed and said it's coming, be patient, if say, it hasn't arrived when she said it would then send her an email.

Monday, September 05, 2005


They're coming, really they are. All the matchups have been done, and we're checking them and getting ready for the big email out through this week. It's a lot of work, and the emails take hours of our time (mainly Nic's - it really is a mammoth effort), while also trying to work and be good people to our families, so please be patient with us. We're hoping they are all out by this Friday, and then we can all get started on some serious making of stuff!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Early signup

Hey everyone. Firstly we want to say thank you so much for the enthusiasm for back-tack. We are a little overwhelmed, but so appreciative of the keeness of you all. This leads us to the situation we are in now. We have disappointed people because Al and I made a judgement call late last week to open the signups earlier than we'd advertised.

There was method in our decision. In our post announcing signups we said, please signup from 17 August. Well after that post went up we had 30 signups. Thinking through the logostics of dealing with that many people that keen within a short space of time, and then multiplied over two weeks was a little too much for us. Now this could be an error in judgement, but at the time we felt it was a good thing to do. Another reason for the signups being opened early was we received a lot of emails from you saying you would be way when signups were starting. In trying to be fair to one lot of people, we've not been fair to another, and that's unfortunate.Signups closed fairly quickly after we opened the gates because we reached 100 people, and some of you have missed out and are pissed. We're sorry for your disappointment, that obviously was not our intent.

We're going to stick with our original decision. We know this will upset some of you and for that we apologise. We do have an offer for those of you who missed out and would like to participate in BT III (to be run about April 2006). If you've left a comment or sent us an email we'll keep a record of who you are and you'll be given an automatic option to signup for BT III before we go public, no obligation of course. We'll keep this option available until midnight Thursday 18 August, your time wherever you are. So send an email to backtackATgmailDOTcom if you'd like to be given a presignup for BT III. This offer DOES NOT apply to any of you that have signed up already for BTII.

Thanks again for your amazing enthusiasm.

Nicole and Alison

Friday, August 12, 2005

back-tack mark II - SIGNUPS Closed

Oh my goodness! You're a mad bunch, but we love you. Signups are closed. We need to take stock, count, work it out, sit back with a cuppa and take a breather. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005



With greatest pleasure and with much enthusiasm, we announce Back-Tack II!!

Many of you have watched eagerly as amazing items unfolded over the last few months on people's blogs. Crafty creations with so much variety and colour have been popping up all over the place.

Well now you get to play again, or for the first time, and be part of something pretty special.
Nicole and I have been scheming this one for a while and I think the end results will be pretty fantastic. We've taken a more laid back approach this time, mainly because it's being run so close to the original. Also because we realise some people struggled with the inability to control fabric selection (don't fret - we will run the original version again next year). Back-tack II therefore is a chance to spoil someone, and indulge secret desires. Mmmmm, intrigued? Read on.

For this Back-tack, we'd like you all to make a bag for your back-tack receiver - something like a tote or a shoulder bag - something large enough to carry 'stuff'. You can use whatever fabric you want, whether it be from stash or something you've specifically gone out and purchased. Be creative. Knit it, sew it, felt it. Make it simple or elaborate. We want you to get to know your recipients, find out their likes and dislikes - are they a vintage fabric fiend, a knitter, or have they just had a baby and need something waterproof. We'd like you to think about accessorising the bag, making a little makeup pouch, pocket mirror case, or coin purse. There are many patterns and inspirational photos out there to get creative with, and we'll post a load of links to books and images as well.

But that's not it. Oh no. Wait, there's more. We want you to find out from your recipient what their secret craft urge is. What craft have they always wanted to try and never quite got around to doing? Crochet perhaps, or knitting socks, or needle felting, embroidery, making soft toys, printing cards...the urges are endless. Once you think you've got it sussed we want you to go out and put together a complete kit for them - an all in one craft kit in it's own little bag (which can be reused of course!). For example: if they've always wanted to try crochet, you could include a selection of crochet needles, enough wool for a small project, a pattern book or instruction book, needles for weaving in ends, and any little accessories which might make the kit complete. Give them everything they need to satisfy their urge. When it's all together, wrap it up and send it off to reach your person by October 31st 2005.

What we'd like to see is your end bag product, and eventually your finished craft piece as well, although we do realise these things take time, so there's no pressure on anyone to do that. We'll keep a flickr gallery open for it.

Still interested? Have we captured your imagination? Think you might sign up? Well here's the critical, serious, no-nonsense part. Please remember we place a high value on your commitment to this project if you sign up. If emailing your recipient and sending things on time aren't your forte, or you know you have some life things coming up which may interfere with this, please reconsider and come back when you think you can commit. You must make the effort to write to your recipient, say hi, ask questions, tell them you've sent your parcel, and say thankyou when you receive yours. You must commit to sending your goods out on time. We expect you will blog about what you've made, and what you've received, and that you'll send us photos as well. We expect you to make a minimum monetray contribution of $40US including postage which is fair given what we're expecting.

We are again limiting places to 100, and to bloggers only. It's a lot of time, energy and resources organising this many people, and that's our reasoning for limiting places. Having a blog is an absolute, and please don't ask us to change the rules if you don't have a blog - go out and start one!! This time we will screen people, and once we have 100 the list will close. If you've emailed us previously, we will have sent you an email about this post, and it does not mean you are automatically signed up. Please do not comment here and assume you're signed up - we can't track most emails addresses from blogspot.

Still reading? Good!! Here's the dates.
Sign Up Period commences August 17th and closes August 24th (or before if 100 participants reached)
Match Ups will be made August 24th - August 30th
Match Ups will be sent out September 1st - September 10th
Back-tackII officially starts September 15th and will run through till october 31st.
Flickr Gallery of finished products will go up beginning November.

Do you want to play? We'd love you to play because we had a lot of fun last time and know you'll enjoy it this timt too, so shoot us an email at backtackATgmailDOTcom, with "Signup for back-tackII" in the subject and sign up with your Name, full postal address, blog url, and whether you are happy to send internationally.

Happy sewing guys!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Oh thankyou to everyone who responded so enthusiastically for our call for Angels - I love you all! I have a lovely list of people now - so no more offers - and I'll be organising all that over the next few days. Thankyou again - the generosity of some people never ceases to amaze me.
Alison xx

This is a post we regret to have to write, but we feel it is necessary to put up anyway. It's unfortunate that some people at this point in August are still waiting to receive packages, and that, amazingly, some people have heard nothing from their pals. At some point we have to bite the bullet and declare we have wayward pals no matter what their initial, or current, intentions are.

We asked specifically when people signed up that they agreed to be fair on everyone in the chain - to communicate with them, to adhere to the deadlines, and to let us know if this was not possible. People have put in a huge effort over the last few months for this, and it makes us sad to see some people upset and angry that they've been left out. I've not received from my person either, so I am in full sympathy with those who are in the same situation.

I cannot stress enough the committment you enter into when you sign up for a project like this. We expect that basic fundamental manners are shown, and consideration for the people you are sending to. We understand life throws some wobblies our way every now and then, and we're not unapproachable and we will understand if it's too much to continue. If we know what's going on, we can help resolve glitches as they happen. I'd like everyone to bear this in mind if they intend signing up for backtackII - if these principles are too much for people, then sorry, this project isn't for you.

With this in mind, we have a number of people who we would like to 'make it up to', and as such we'd like to call for anyone who is able, and willing, to step in and be an Angel, and be able to put something together quickly. It's a huge ask from us, but we're hoping we can make something special for the people who have not had the best experience. If you'd like to help, please email Nicole or Alison at backtackATgmailDOTcom, or email Alison at sixandahalfstitchesATgmailDOTcom.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


The final packages have mostly been sent out and received, so it's about time we unveiled the final Flickr gallery. You'll find selected photos from every person who sent us pictures, and if you go to the individual's websites, you'll find more photos from them. If you haven't sent your images through yet of either your fabrics or your finished pieces, there's still time and we'll keep adding to the galleries as we get them. everything looks amazing, and again we have a brilliant gallery to show.

We'd like to send out a huge thankyou to everyone who has participated and has helped make this a success. I think we've all had fun with this, and Nicole and I have been quite taken with the quality and creativity being shown. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

And if you're still waiting on your package, or you haven't even sent it yet, or you've received a package and you haven't sent a thankyou note, perhaps this will be a good reminder to you to send your person a little email to let them know what's going on, or that something hasn't arrived - it's unfair to leave your person wondering what's going on especially if someone else has been good to you. And if you feel you need us to help you, drop us a line at backtackATgmailDOTcom.

Finally, stayed tuned, because the next installment of back-tack is just around the corner...


Monday, June 27, 2005

My How Time Flies

So here we are at the end of June, and all around blogland there are posts coming up about back-tack wonders being created. Everyone who's put their stuff up on their blogs - it all looks so fantastic!! We're all going to be very happy recipients indeed.

And the end of June means we're drawing to the end of back-tack and we need to do the housekeeping and start sweeping up the crumbs and making sure everything is running smoothly. If you haven't sent your stuff out, it would probably be a good time to do that NOW! If you're having troubles, let us know and we'll help sort it out. Email your recipient and tell them the parcel is on it's way, or that it might be late, just so out of common curtesy they know what's going on. And for those lucky people who have already received stuff, enjoy!!

We also want to remind people to send us your photos of what you made, so we can put together the next Flickr album reveal. If you can get those to us as soon as possible, that would be great, as we'd like to have that up in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


We're really excited to announce the first reveal for back-tack over at Flickr - it's ok, we'll wait why you go and check it out....

Thankyou to everyone who sent in photos, and if you have photos which we don't, we'd love to see them up in the gallery, so send them in to us at backtackATgmailDOTcom and we'll get them added.

The gallery is looking amazing - so much colour and variety and enthusiasm put in all the packages. It should be fun for you all to look through and see who sent what, and to whom. And then there's the next stage, where we all start making stuff, and that's going to be even more interesting and exciting!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Have you emailed us your picture?

Hi everyone. Have you remembered to send us in your image? First image due is the fabric/notions you received from your pal. 400 x 400 pixels optimised for web (if you can). Please email them to backtackATgmailDOTcom. Please don't assume we'll grab the image from your blog, there's too many of you :)

The flickr gallery will be up in the next week. We'll post here when it's live so keep your eyes peeled.

So far it looks like everyone is playing nicely and we haven't needed any angels! How impressive. Thanks.

Monday, May 23, 2005


It's nearly the end of May, and therefore time to think about sending your fabric and accessories off if you haven't already done so. We've been receiving photos already from people sending in their received goodies, and we're impressed with the spirit everyone has entered into with this. We're enjoying reading everyone's blogs and seeing what is being sent to who, and I'm sure the next stage will be even more fun as you guys put it all together and make something fabulous with it all.

So a gentle reminder to send out your first package if you haven't already, and to photograph whatever is sent to you and to send it in to us so we can create a nice little photo album at Flickr to unveil soon. We'd like to see photos by the end of May (assuming you've received your package by then...)

We'd also like to remind you all that the fabric which is sent to you can be used as is, or you are more than welcome, and freely encouraged, to add to that selection to put your own stamp of personality and creativity onto the base product. This is meant to be fun, and a bit challenging, and we know the end results will be amazing!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Matchups sent out!

Done! The matchup emails have been sent out. If you've come here, seen this post and don't have an email from us please email Let the back-tacking begin!

Sunday, May 01, 2005


These will be added to as back-tack progresses, with the newest being added at the top of the list:

- Won't the recipient of my fabric/notions holder figure out who I am by my address on the parcel? Well, not unless they know you personally (in that case maybe think of another address you could use), otherwise just don't put your name, put your first initial and surname and your address.

- Do we send our fabric, embellishments etc anonymously, or just the finished product? Great question! You send everything anonymously and will unveil yourself at the end to both of your assigned back-tackers.

- Do we contact our matchups and let them know we're lurking and sending? Yes please. Lurk at their blog, email them. All anonymously of course!

- I hear there's a fabric discount offer? Yes, the details are in the email we've sent you with your matchups. The offer if offered to back-tackers and is valid for the month of May.

- What's this about photo's? Each back-tacker will supply two photo's. The first to be received by 31 May is a photo of the fabric they receive. The second to be recieved by 30 June is a photo of the finished notions holder and items they supply with it. Photo's to be 400 x 400 pixels at 72dpi saved as optimised for web.

- Can I post about the items I receive on my blog? Of course, we'd love it if you did and it will also be appreciated by your fellow back-tackers.

- When I send the fabric do I also send the items to be included in the finished holder? No, it is up to the person who sews the holder to fill it to suit their match.

- Who can participate? Anyone with a blog (some sewing experience would help!), anywhere in the world.

- Can I use other items from my stash to create the pouch? Or can I only use what is sent to me? You can use items from your stash, it’s encouraged.

- What if I don't receive my fabric in May? Please let us know. Send an email to and we'll send the heavies 'round wielding seam rippers.

- Will there be “Angels” if I don’t receive anything? At the moment, no (that’s the short answer). However please do let us know of any problems and we’ll do our best to sort it out, we may request Angels later.

- What if I can't send my fabric or finish my pouch by the deadlines? Let your receiver know and let them know when it will be arriving, however please try to meet the deadlines. Allow for postage time. We know international post (airmail) can take between 5-10 working days.

- Is there a minimum MONETARY contribution? Yes 1/2 yard (or 1/2 metre if you're metric) of outer fabric and same again for fabric for lining. It would be great if you could send some other embellishments like ribbon, buttons, zips, felt, beads etc and similarly some gifties for the finished pouch, but this isn't compulsory. Plus, postage for both sending the initial fabric, and for sending the finished product.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sign-ups closed!

Thank you to everyone that signed up. We'll have the back-tacker participant list updated in the next day or so and you'll receive an email from us later in the week with your match ups. Oh, and we have a surprise. But you'll just have to wait and see.

We've really enjoyed organising this and have appreciated the positive feedback. Look forward to seeing the fabric swapping and your amazing creations!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sign-up extended!

We've had such a great response. Thanks to all of you that have signed up. Sign-up has been extended to Sunday 24 April midnight (your local timezone).

Monday, April 11, 2005

Sign-up for back-tack

Welcome! Glad you've dropped by. Get comfy, make yourself a cuppa, grab a biscuit, sit back and relax. This first post is a bit of a long one, but details are important. So if you're serious about participating please read this post in full. We look forward to seeing your creations and hope you have a lot of fun with this (as much as we've had creating it!).

What is it?
Back-tack is a craft-come-sewing swap with a twist. You send fabric and anything else you'd like your partner to use in creating their notions holder, like zippers, buttons, ribbon, to someone (they don't know who you are, you do this anonymously), and receive fabric from someone (anonymously). Once you've received your fabric/notions you get to work sewing a notions case (you'll be sewing for a different person than the one you sent fabric to) and then filling it with items you think your fellow back-tacker would like (read their blog!) and sending it on to them for them to enjoy. You will be sending the pouch to a different person to the one who sent you the material. The idea is you create something using someone elses raw materials, and also participate in spreading some love with little bits and pieces you think your recipient will like – you could send them some needles, some vintage threads, some ribbons, buttons, chocolate, little stashes of fabric, wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks, whatever the person you’re sending to is into. This isn’t restricted to just sewers, we’d like to see a wide range of people get involved. The aim is to create and see what comes about from a common starting point when we let our imaginations work!

Why "back-tack"

We (Alison and Nicole) wanted a name that didn't necessarily state the obvious, but also something that was sewing/craft related. We wanted to create a swap that was a challenge, without being too frightening, and also fun.

How does it work?
- You sign up by sending an email to address, together with:
1. your full name
2. postal address (include Country please)
3. blog URL

4. let us know if you DON'T want to send to an international participator.
- You're then matched to someone to send fabric to and someone to sew something for (you're not sewing for the person you sent the fabric to).
- In the month of May you WILL send your first allocated person their fabric. Be creative, you could also send embellishments like, ribbon, buttons, felt, braid, a zip, beads.
- You'll receive a fabric parcel from your anonymous back-tack pal.
- In the month of June (or before if you receive your fabric before this and can't wait!) you'll sew your purse/pouch/container and fill it with some goodies and then send it on anonymously to the second back-tacker you've been allocated. You could send needles, pins, knitting needles, crochet hooks, wool, embroidery threads, a pincushion, ribbon, a tape measure, chocolate, brooches, cards – whatever! Be creative and fill it with personality.

Yeah, but what are we making?
That would help! You're going to make a little notions pouch/purse/container.

We'll supply a pattern for a sewing roll. However feel free to make your own pattern - you could sew a zip pouch, or a knitting needle roll, the possabilities are only limited by your imagination.

These are just ideas, but we’d prefer people to stick to a notions holder as a general rule of thumb. The pattern will be available as a downloadable pdf.

Minimum Requirement for What to Send
- 1/2 yard of fabric for outer and 1/2 yard of fabric for lining. We recommend raiding your fabric stash if you have one, if you don't off to the fabric store.

- A selection of little gifts to enclose in the pouch. Again, these could be from your stash, or they could be bought. We're not putting a financial limit on this.

The fine print
- You'll need an anonymous email address, one that doesn't contain your name or your blogs name.
- You need to have a blog. We want your secret senders to get to know you.
- Numbers will be limited to 100 participants.
- Email your back-tackers anonymously to let them know you're about and lurking on their blog.
- When you receive something, please post it on your blog.
- When you've completed your pouch please send us a picture 400 x 400 pixels wide at 72dpi together with your name and url and the person you sent it to's name and their url. We'll create a photo gallery at
- Don't reveal who you are until the end of back-tack, 30 June 2005. (For further deadline information please read "Important Dates" below and on the sidebar.)
- Your blog address will be listed on the sidebar, so people can wander around and have a look at what everyone is receiving and making.
- Please don’t participate if you can’t commit to the whole project. Because of the cyclical nature of this swap, everyone's participation is a crucial link in the process. If you can participate but you’ll need a little leeway with the timing, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

These will be added to as back-tack progresses, but here's some we can think of now.

- Is there a button? Yes. It's hosted on flickr. Please copy it and host it on your server. There are two sizes.

- Who can participate? Anyone with a blog (some sewing experience would help!), anywhere in the world.

- Can I use other items from my stash to create the pouch? Or can I only use what is sent to me? You can use items from your stash, it’s encouraged.

- What if I don't receive my fabric in May? Please let us know. Send an email to and we'll send the heavies 'round wielding seam rippers.

- Will there be “Angels” if I don’t receive anything? At the moment, no (that’s the short answer). However please do let us know of any problems and we’ll do our best to sort it out, we may request Angels later.

- What if I can't send my fabric or finish my pouch by the deadlines? Let your receiver know and let them know when it will be arriving, however please try to meet the deadlines. Allow for postage time. We know international post (airmail) can take between 5-10 working days.

- Is there a minimum MONETARY contribution? Yes 1/2 yard (or 1/2 metre if you're metric) of outer fabric and same again for fabric for lining. It would be great if you could send some other embellishments like ribbon, buttons, zips, felt, beads etc and similarly some gifties for the finished pouch, but this isn't compulsory. Plus, postage for both sending the initial fabric, and for sending the finished product.

Important Dates
Duration: May - June
Signup period: commencing 15 April, ending 22 April
Allocation of back-tackers: from 27 April
back-tack matches will be distributed: week commencing 1 May
Fabric to arrive with anonymous receiver: 31 May
Finished pouch to arrive with anonymous receiver: 30 June
Supply image for flickr gallery: 15 July

Have we forgotten something? Send us an email or leave a comment.

Questions, gripes, warm fuzzies etc to