Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After many hours [believe me, many hours] sorting through and crossing names off lists, and then going through the remaining blogs and trying to understand who has received packages and who hasn't, there is now a list for outstanding parcels. Let's call it: The Outstanding List.

This is not The Black List. Yet. It will become the black list soon, but for the moment it is a list of unaccounted for packages - that may have been received and haven't been blogged or recorded when we had the form up for receipt of package, or may not have been received at all. I have emailed some people who I know have peeks of things they have made on their blog, but I need to know the parcel arrived.

So what happens now? Well, if your name is on the list, and you feel it shouldn't be there, please contact us. If you know you've received a parcel from someone on the list, please contact us. It is terribly unfair to have received something and for the sender to be on this list without reason. I hope this list will become very small very quickly, and as I receive notification that a person should be removed, they will be taken off the list. I've done my best to trawl through blog pages to try and eliminate people upfront, but some I just haven't had enough information to do so with confidence. When we feel the list has become as edited as it can be, we will edit this post and officially state The Black List as the post's title. This list will remain published throughout the life of backtack.

Naomi Meredith
Mikki Jamieson
Paula Roegge
Francesca Tise