Monday, June 27, 2005

My How Time Flies

So here we are at the end of June, and all around blogland there are posts coming up about back-tack wonders being created. Everyone who's put their stuff up on their blogs - it all looks so fantastic!! We're all going to be very happy recipients indeed.

And the end of June means we're drawing to the end of back-tack and we need to do the housekeeping and start sweeping up the crumbs and making sure everything is running smoothly. If you haven't sent your stuff out, it would probably be a good time to do that NOW! If you're having troubles, let us know and we'll help sort it out. Email your recipient and tell them the parcel is on it's way, or that it might be late, just so out of common curtesy they know what's going on. And for those lucky people who have already received stuff, enjoy!!

We also want to remind people to send us your photos of what you made, so we can put together the next Flickr album reveal. If you can get those to us as soon as possible, that would be great, as we'd like to have that up in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


We're really excited to announce the first reveal for back-tack over at Flickr - it's ok, we'll wait why you go and check it out....

Thankyou to everyone who sent in photos, and if you have photos which we don't, we'd love to see them up in the gallery, so send them in to us at backtackATgmailDOTcom and we'll get them added.

The gallery is looking amazing - so much colour and variety and enthusiasm put in all the packages. It should be fun for you all to look through and see who sent what, and to whom. And then there's the next stage, where we all start making stuff, and that's going to be even more interesting and exciting!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Have you emailed us your picture?

Hi everyone. Have you remembered to send us in your image? First image due is the fabric/notions you received from your pal. 400 x 400 pixels optimised for web (if you can). Please email them to backtackATgmailDOTcom. Please don't assume we'll grab the image from your blog, there's too many of you :)

The flickr gallery will be up in the next week. We'll post here when it's live so keep your eyes peeled.

So far it looks like everyone is playing nicely and we haven't needed any angels! How impressive. Thanks.