Saturday, May 13, 2006


We're nearing the half way mark now, and we're really excited to be seeing works in progress, and even some finished pieces are being photographed and sent into us which is fantastic! Already there is so much variety and so many really stunning combinations of the themes we set. To show some of the variety, go have a look at this kitty, this sneek peek (ooooohhhhh, soft :) ), this selection of fabrics, another selection of fabrics, this cute little bunny, the start of something definately intriguing, this cutey pie (which I've seen the finished product of, and it's fabulous), another great fabric selection, a work in progress, and a very balanced view of fabrics, and a final teasing shot. These are by no means the only ones around, just a little selection.

And Nicole and I think we have a nice little surprise lined up for you all which we'll announce shortly when we've got some of the details worked out. Now isn't it time you got back to playing with fabrics and sewing stuff up! And if you've finished already, send your parcel off, take photos of it before you do though, and send us two images we can upload into flickr at the end.

Now excuse me, I have some eyes to work out.