Monday, June 05, 2006


The 10th June is rapidly approaching, and I've been trawling through blogs in search of package arrivals. There's been a lot of posting about works in progress, some fantastic teaser shots, and shots of actual finished pieces, which have been so lovely to look at. We've really appreciated those people who have sent in finished photos, and urge the rest of you to do the same. I've crossed off any names of senders I have seen have arrived at their destination, and on the 11th June, I'll post the full list of those people who have yet to receive. So far the list is long, but we're hoping it gets smaller quickly as packages start arriving and you guys let us know they've arrived either via your blog, or via email to backtack3ATgmailDOTcom. There's a lot of very busy postmen out there at the moment!

We've been trawling through the blogs for another reason as well: A little while ago we said we had something special lined up. Well, we'd like to announce that something special to you all. After we started BT3, we decided it was the perfect theme to run a little competition through. So we've waited till now, so that everyone is on an even playing field and it's about what you've made for your partner and not about winning a competition, to announce this. On June 20th, we'll announce a shortlist of 5 softies which we think are great. They will be of Nicole and my choice, but it will be your votes on a poll here on this blog which will decide the winner. The poll will be up for 3 days, and we'll announce the winner on the 24th June via email, on this blog, and on both Nicole's blog, and my blog. You'll be able to see all the received entries on the flickr page when that has been uploaded - another good reason to get us your pictures!!

The winner will receive a generously donated copy of Hillary's Wee Wonderful booklet that she is having published, plus some other goodies we will put together for you.

We'd like to give something back to you guys for the support and enthusiasm you show for backtack and as a way of saying thankyou.

So, thankyou, and goodluck!!