Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This is just a quick email to say that everyone who has signed up successfully will now have received their matchup emails. Nicole has literally worked through the night to send these out, so she deserves a massive pat on the back, flowers, chocolates, and good wishes for her effort.

Please check your addresses and tell us if something is wrong. We also strongly advise that you contact your person within the next few days and let them know you exist. Please also double check with them how they like their address to be written, particularly for those who live in outside the US - I know some of the addresses have loads of commas and full stops in them and it will always pay to get it right now rather than in 2 months time when your parcel has gone missing.....(which we sincerely hope doesn't happen).

We have people playing from all over the world - from Sweden to Japan, Australia to Portugal, and apparently the entire city of Portland in the USA is playing too. And there's many more inbetween and it's been wonderful to see where people are coming from, and the different blogs. We'll get the blogroll updated shortly as well so you can all peruse the players as they work.

I guess this means...