Friday, April 07, 2006


Did we tickle your interest with our BT3 theme? We’re pretty keen about it, and can’t wait to see the results, and from the feedback we’ve got, you guys seem pretty thrilled as well. Guess you now want to sign up right? OK. Here’s what you need to do, and understand, before signing up.

Please read our Terms of Agreement Disclosure Statement which follows::

As we have made explicitly clear at the start of each backtack, your decision to sign up is your agreement and commitment with us, and your backtack partner that you will follow through with that commitment – you will email regularly, you will email thanks and notification, you will send a parcel within the dates already noted, and you will give as good as you expect to receive. We take this seriously, your partner takes it seriously, and so should you. We will ask again, that if anything is coming up during the play time that could affect your ability to follow through on your commitment – are you moving? Going away? Having a baby? Going through life issues? Know that you’re not good at emailing people? that you seriously consider whether this is right for you. This message isn’t getting through to a number of people, and for that reason we are adding some changes to how things are handled once you sign up.

First, this will no longer be anonymous. Your blog address will be sent to your partner with matchups. Second, if your parcel has not arrived with its recipient by 2 weeks after close of play we will publicly list on this blog your name/blog address until you contact your partner and come to an agreement, or a parcel is received and we are notified. We want you to be more accountable to the person you are sending to, and we think that is only fair. We do keep records of non-performers, and we do cross check that list with sign ups. We will also warn you that there is a move amongst organizers of these swaps across the blog world to have a central blacklist to try and curb some of the non-performance issues which inevitably occur with operations like this. We cannot make someone email someone else, we cannot make someone send something and we cannot find lost parcels in the post, so please think carefully before signing up, and if something comes up, let us know immediately so we can take action.

Now we have the heavy stuff out, let’s sign up!
Please send the following information to this address :: . Do not send it to any other address – we will only accept sign ups to this address. Please do not send general enquiries to this address either - we have an email address for that, and it is located in the sidebar.

1. Your full name for mailing purposes
2. Your full address for mailing purposes including your postcode and your country.
3. Your blog URL
4. A statement of whether you will, or will not, send internationally. If you don’t say, we’ll assume you’re happy sending international.

We will notifiy on this blog only when we have reached 100 places and sign ups will be officially closed. We will accept no more sign ups after that time. Good luck, and we’ll see you on the otherside!!