Monday, July 24, 2006


Weellllll. Seems it's time to make the Outstanding List an official Blacklist. We think we've allowed more than enough time for correspondance, packages etc to be done, and that it is only fair on the people left behind that this now becomes official. Listed below are the names of the players who will be remaining on the Blacklist indefinately. This list will become a public list, and will sit over on the sidebar once this post is no longer the current post. We will be retaining this format of playing Backtack for every subsequent running, and the blacklist will be added to at the end of each play. Because it is public, it can be accessed by anyone running anything similar. We have made arrangements with the partners of these people to receive special care packages via Angels, and we'd like to thank those who came forward and offered their time to do this for them.

Blow northern wind...
Knitting Arrows
Knit & Play with Fire
sheep in the city