Tuesday, October 25, 2005

cut, stitch, unpick, sew, knit, bind, felt...

Hey everyone.

It's great to see finished back-tack's on your blogs. Great creativity and attention to detail. From the feedback we've received sounds like you've all really enjoyed this version of back-tack.

A reminder to please supply the images of your finished BT before you post it (the one you created, not the one you receive) in the following way (this keeps Nicole sane and minimises the swearing she does at the monitor). If you've already supplied your images, then ignore this:
  • We only want 2 photos per participant please. Obviously feel free to post as many pics as you like on your own blogs, it's easier for us if we receive only 2 per person.
  • Email them to us by 1st week of November or earlier, if possible with these specs, 400 x 400 pixels at 72dpi (if you have Photoshop or something similar, please save it optimised for web at 100ppi), please name the file your blog name (not the URL but the name your blog is known by and tell us whether it's a bag or kit picture ie sixandahalfstitches_bag.jpg and sixandahalfstitches_kit.jpg, together with your first name, your blog name and the blog name you are sending to.
  • We'll unveil the photo's via flickr at the end, the week after 31 October.

Finally keep your eyes peeled for BT3 to be held in April 2006. We need a breather and some time to think about the next reincarnation.