Monday, September 12, 2005


Hi everyone.

You would have received your matchup by now. We hope you've sent your partner an email or commented on their blog!

A few little housekeeping items. Firstly, when sending out the matchups there are some commas missing from addresses, so please check that your address will make sense to the person sending to you and if you feel it needs clarification please let your partner know.

If you've accidentally revealed your true identity to your partner, that's ok! Let's just guys now get to be 'real'people for each other. Please don't fret. Just keep what you're making secret!

We've added a link to Kath at Red Current's bag links. She's a linkin' machine. We'll post some more inspiration soon.

And, finally, the blogroll is up, go and check out everyone's blogs. That's all for now, we look forwarding to seeing all your creations.