Sunday, August 14, 2005

Early signup

Hey everyone. Firstly we want to say thank you so much for the enthusiasm for back-tack. We are a little overwhelmed, but so appreciative of the keeness of you all. This leads us to the situation we are in now. We have disappointed people because Al and I made a judgement call late last week to open the signups earlier than we'd advertised.

There was method in our decision. In our post announcing signups we said, please signup from 17 August. Well after that post went up we had 30 signups. Thinking through the logostics of dealing with that many people that keen within a short space of time, and then multiplied over two weeks was a little too much for us. Now this could be an error in judgement, but at the time we felt it was a good thing to do. Another reason for the signups being opened early was we received a lot of emails from you saying you would be way when signups were starting. In trying to be fair to one lot of people, we've not been fair to another, and that's unfortunate.Signups closed fairly quickly after we opened the gates because we reached 100 people, and some of you have missed out and are pissed. We're sorry for your disappointment, that obviously was not our intent.

We're going to stick with our original decision. We know this will upset some of you and for that we apologise. We do have an offer for those of you who missed out and would like to participate in BT III (to be run about April 2006). If you've left a comment or sent us an email we'll keep a record of who you are and you'll be given an automatic option to signup for BT III before we go public, no obligation of course. We'll keep this option available until midnight Thursday 18 August, your time wherever you are. So send an email to backtackATgmailDOTcom if you'd like to be given a presignup for BT III. This offer DOES NOT apply to any of you that have signed up already for BTII.

Thanks again for your amazing enthusiasm.

Nicole and Alison