Monday, May 23, 2005


It's nearly the end of May, and therefore time to think about sending your fabric and accessories off if you haven't already done so. We've been receiving photos already from people sending in their received goodies, and we're impressed with the spirit everyone has entered into with this. We're enjoying reading everyone's blogs and seeing what is being sent to who, and I'm sure the next stage will be even more fun as you guys put it all together and make something fabulous with it all.

So a gentle reminder to send out your first package if you haven't already, and to photograph whatever is sent to you and to send it in to us so we can create a nice little photo album at Flickr to unveil soon. We'd like to see photos by the end of May (assuming you've received your package by then...)

We'd also like to remind you all that the fabric which is sent to you can be used as is, or you are more than welcome, and freely encouraged, to add to that selection to put your own stamp of personality and creativity onto the base product. This is meant to be fun, and a bit challenging, and we know the end results will be amazing!